“A happening in the past but still an experience today!”

In the past REM Island had the function to create an experience. As a broadcast platform, it ensured that millions of viewers enjoyed the first commercial TV programs.

It was a rebellious pirate channel that was able to reach a large audience with TV Noordzee.

Despite the success of the viewer it did not take long before the government adopted the anti-REM law. This made the broadcast practices of TV Noordzee illegal. The Netherlands would not be ready for this new form of entertainment and therefore the broadcasts had to stop, according to the government. 

On December 17, 1964 at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning a raid was made on the REM Eiland and the government put an end to TV Noordzee.

This fantastic piece of history and the unique experience that people brought with TV Noordzee, something had to be done with it. It was decided to give REM Island its entertaining function. The island was taken ashore, where the building was completely renovated. While retaining the original elements, REM Island was then placed in the Houthavens of Amsterdam and nowadays it has the function of a trendy restaurant concept.

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